(re)connect your team

Serendly plan and host unique interactions between your team's members to allow them to know better one another and work better together.
Even (and especially) when working remotely.

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Optimise collaboration

It's all about people

The better the team members know one another, the better they can work together. Serendly creates and develops lasting relationships that are the basis of a strong team and effective collaboration.


Develop team spirit

Make your teams closer than ever

Recruitment is skyrocketing, and more and more teams work remotely. Build on your corporate culture, day after day, one Serendly meeting at a time.
Your team will thank you.


Creativity through serendipity

80% of value-creating work interactions occur in informal situations. Serendly creates serendipity by allowing all people from the team to exchange. Since when have your junior Sales Representative and your Senior Key Account Manager not spoken to each other?


Reduce employee isolation

Develop corporate community sentiment

Serendly strengthens your initiatives in keeping all your employees "on-board" and allows you to detect employees whose motivation is decreasing more quickly and effectively.


Don't disrupt the daily routine

Serendly does not interfere with your work routine. Serendly meetings are scheduled so as not to clutter up your team's plannings and make it possible to get more value from the more quiet moments in the calendar.


Autopilot team building

Keep it easy and profit

Serendly automates the organisation and analysis of one-on-one meetings.
You will be able to see improved team spirit and increased performance from your dashboards.

Enhanced team spirit in four easy steps

  • 1 - Planning

    Serendly determines the pairs of collaborators to be formed according to the exchanges they have already had and your parameters and sends them an invitation.

  • 2 - Gathering

    To participate, the two collaborators visit the link embedded in their invitation. Every Serendly meeting starts with a not so serious game that will decide the rest of the discussion.

  • 3 - Deepening

    During the exchange, the Serendly engagement algorithm hosts the conversation and offers discussion topics designed to deepen the relationship.

  • 4 - Rewarding

    After the exchange, everyone resumes their daily life, getting to know a new colleague better! Each one can approve the benefits of the meeting, so that every meeting becomes better and better.

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Designed for your Employees

On-going team spirit building

Personalized journeys

Serendly’s algorithms optimize every meeting’s partners and suggest topics to make every Serendly Meeting bring value to the team members.


Serendly meets are planned so not to block agendas/
You don't need to install software or remember new passwords to use Serendly.

Deepening relations

Discussion topics proposed by Serendly are designed to really tighten the relationship between employees, thanks to our special sauce made with business topics and personal implications.

Every voice matter

Serendly allows all employees to express themselves thanks to the 1to1 meetings and topics selection.

Designed for managers

Efficiency and serenity

No burden

You have almost nothing to do, your team members connect to Serendly with their Google account, Serendly handles the rest.

Mood tracking

Follow the evolution of the moral of your team members, drill down by teams, and check at a glance that everyone is still on board.

Weekly email reporting

Get your team's mood analysis in your mailbox every Monday morning. And everyday use Serendly to get adhoc analysis.

Continuous improvement

Define you team's goals, every Serendly meeting contributes to the team cohesion.

Serendly FAQ

A Serendly Meeting last 20 minutes maximum. The administrator is able to configure the maximum number of Serendly Meetings an employee can have every month. The recommended number depends on the size of the company and the goal of the HR team, but is usually between 2 and 6 Serendly meetings a month.

Serendly uses employees agendas to find suitable spots for meetings. Depending on your admnistrative role, Serendly may ask for a capacity to use your mailbox to send emails to the employees.
Once again Serendly never use any data for anything else than organising meetings.

Your data is not used for anything else than organising the Serendly Meetings.
Serendely meetings are not recorded, everything said will stay between the two meeting's participants.

A Microsoft 365 version of Serendly is on our roadmap, but not yet priorised. Please send us a message if you are the kind of customer who is able to move a roadmap !

Great ! Place for improvement. Please send us a message - the adress is "hi serendly.com" (you know what to add), we'll get back to you shortly, and probably add your question to this FAQ ;-)

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